SASSA Payment Schedule for October 2023

SASSA Payment Schedule for October 2023?

Attention all SASSA beneficiaries! It’s time to mark your calendars and get ready for a month filled with financial confidence and certainty. We know how crucial it is for you to plan ahead, so we’re here to unveil the highly anticipated SASSA Payment Schedule for October 2023. Whether you rely on these funds as a lifeline or simply appreciate having a reliable flow of income, this blog post will provide you with all the important dates you need to stay informed and empowered. So grab your favorite pen and get ready to jot down some essential information that could make all the difference in your financial well-being. Let’s dive into the details together!

SASSA and its Payment Schedule

SASSA (South African Social Security Agency) is a government agency that provides social assistance to eligible citizens in South Africa. This includes grants for older persons, people with disabilities, and those who are unable to support themselves financially.

SASSA Payment Schedule - All Payment Dates of 2023 and 2024
MonthOlder PersonsDisability GrantChildren’s Grant
October3 October4 October5 October

Being aware of the SASSA payment schedule is crucial for beneficiaries as it ensures timely receipt of their grants. The payment schedule outlines the specific dates on which each grant will be paid out by SASSA during the month of October.

The SASSA payment schedule is divided into three categories: pension and disability grants, child support grants, and foster care grants. Each category has its own designated payment dates, which are determined based on the last digit of your ID number.

For pension and disability grants, payments will be made on 4th October 2021 for ID numbers ending in 0 or 1, followed by 5th October for IDs ending in 2 or 3, and so on until the final date of 15th October for IDs ending in either 8 or 9. It is important to note that these dates may vary depending on your chosen method of receiving payments – whether it be through a bank account or via an EasyPay outlet.

Child support grants will be paid out from the 6th to the10th of October according to the last digit of your ID number. Foster care grants have a set date of payment on the 12th of October regardless of your ID number.

SASSA Payment Schedule for October 2023

The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) has released the payment schedule for October 2023, which outlines the dates that social grant recipients can expect to receive their monthly payments. This schedule is important for all beneficiaries to be aware of, as it ensures timely and efficient delivery of funds.

October 2023 marks an important month for SASSA, as it will be implementing a new payment system that aims to improve the overall experience for grant beneficiaries. This new system will involve the use of biometric technology, where beneficiaries’ fingerprints will be used to verify their identities and prevent fraud. As a result, there may be some changes in the payment dates compared to previous months.

According to the schedule, all social grants will be paid on specific dates based on the type of grant received. The first set of payments will start on October 1st with grants such as old age pension and disability grants being paid out. On October 2nd, foster care grants and child support grants will follow suit.


 Being well-informed about SASSA payment dates is crucial for the smooth and timely receipt of your social grants. It helps you plan your finances, avoid penalties and inconvenience, stay updated with changes, and access additional services. Make sure to regularly check for updates on payment dates to ensure a stress-free experience with SASSA.

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