SASSA Old Age Grant Payment Date for SASSA Pensioners 2023

Older Persons Grant, also known as SASSA Old Age Grant, is an initiative by the South African Social Security Agency to help retired senior citizens. The program covers financial expenses for those aged 60 or above. There are some specific requirements to qualify for this program. Read on to learn every single detail about this welfare program.

Sassa Payout Dates for Old Age Grant 2023

SASSA Pension Dates 2023 are here visit SRD Status Check for status!

SASSA status check for R 350 payment dates for January 2023: 03/01/2023

SASSA status check for R 350 payment dates for February 2023: 02/02/2023

SASSA status check for R 350 payment dates for March 2023: 02/03/2023

Note: These are the dates for SASSA payments for the Old Age Grant only.

SASSA Older Persons Grant Requirements

If you want to apply for SASSA Old Age Grant, you must meet the criteria stated below.

  • You must be a citizen of South Africa. Your permanent home must also be in the country. 
  • You can apply for this program if you are a refugee and currently living in the country.
  • Your age should be 60 or above 60 years.
  • You must not receive any financial help from other grants.
  • You must not live in an old age home or other state-sponsored rehabilitation centers. 
  • You must pass the means test to qualify for the Older Persons Grant. You can apply for this program if your monthly income is not more than R 7,190. Similarly, if you are married and living with your spouse, your monthly income should not exceed the amount of R 14,380.
  • If you depend on your children financially, they will also consider their income for the means test.
  • They will also consider your valuables. If you are single, your assets’ worth must be less than R 1,227,600. Similarly, if you are a couple, your valuables should not exceed the limit of R 2,455,200.

Can a Working Person Apply for Older Persons Grant?

Older people still working can apply for this program, but their monthly income must be lower than R 7,190, and their age must be 60 or above 60 years.

How to apply for SASSA Older Persons Grant

You can visit the nearest SASSA office to fill out the form or apply online on the official website,

You will need the documents written below to fill out the form.

  •  Identity proof of you and your wife
  •  Proof of marital status
  •  Identity proof of yourself, your wife, and your dependent children (if any)
  •  Proof of your valuables, including the worth of the property you own
  •  Proof of pension coming from private sources

Members of your family or friends circle can also apply in case you are sick. No fees exist for SASSA Old Age Grant. Anybody asking for any registration amount is 100% fake.

Check Eligibility Status For SASSA Old Age Grant

There are numerous methods from which you can check srd status to get payments through SASSA. You can visit the official website of SASSA. You can check SASSA status with the app named Moya. You can also utilize your phone to check your SASSA Old Age Grant status through SMS or WhatsApp. Procedures for all the methods are stated below.

How to Check SASSA Old Age Grant Status Through Website?

To check your SASSA status, go to the website Afterward, click on check status. Now enter the information asked. Once you fill out and submit it, they will reveal your application status.

How to Check SASSA Old Age Grant Status Through SMS or WhatsApp?

To check the status, give a message on 082 046 8553 through SMS or WhatsApp. You will receive a quick update about your application status.

 How to Check SASSA Old Age Grant Status Through Moya App?

Download the Moya App and go to Discovery. Then click on SASSA Grant. To check the SASSA SRD status, click on the application status. Enter the required information, and you will see your status.

How can I start Receiving Payments?

It takes 90 days to process your application, and if everything goes right, you will get payment from the day you applied. They will issue a SASSA Card to you. You can collect your payment through cash points, post offices, or some old age houses. You can also set up to get money deposited in a bank account. 

Approved but no payment? Know Why!

If your application got rejected, you would receive a letter in which they will mention the reason for the rejection. Then you can appeal your application within 90 days of receiving the letter. Your application will go into reconsideration if you appeal for it. The agency will pay you after they accept your application.

For more information about qualifying rules, how to apply, how to check grant status, SASSA pay dates, old age homes for SASSA pensioners, or any other queries, please call the SASSA helpline number 0800 601 011. They will guide you and give answers to your queries.

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