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Loan Shark and Money Launderer Covered as ANC Councilor?

You must have heard of several high-profile cases of corruption with a blend of spice in it. But have you ever heard of a councilor double-dealing the social grant? SASSA has recently encountered such an incident which has not only intrigued the masses but has also attracted the attention of authorities who strive to assure transparency.

Here we will unleash all the reported information and different perspectives of the leaders regarding the incident so keep reading to get a deeper insight into the queer incident!

However, with this crisis going on, you need not worry as you can still access the official website and keep an eye on your SASSA status check!

Loan Shark and Money Launderer Covered as ANC Councilor

Loan-Shark turned ANC Councilor Arrested!

This 45-year-old ANC councilor has been arrested for alleged money laundering after his loan shark business was identified. The police caught the suspect red-handedly at an ATM which is under the possession of SASSA. This Beaufort West municipality councilor was arrested on Tuesday by the local police.

TimesLIVE has confirmed the arrest of the ANC councilor after the message from the regional secretary of ANC Central Karoo; Collin Meyer, to his colleagues, was leaked. The regional secretary, in his message, expresses his unawareness regarding the details of the arrest however he confirms that the councilor has been taken into the custody of the police:

“The ANC in the Central Karoo Region has noted the arrest of [the councilor] by the organized crime branch of the SAPS yesterday in the Beaufort West municipality area. We still need to be fully briefed on the matter however the arrest has been confirmed,”

He disregards the councilor and assures that the subject will have to face the law and their party will not be a hurdle to the path. He further states:

The ANC does not condone any acts of criminality, [the councillor] will be subjected to ANC internal processes regarding matters of misconduct and bringing the ANC into disrepute. The ANC requests the community and members of the organisation to allow the law to take its course.”

Daylin Mitchell has also validated the news of the councilor being detained by the authorities. Daylin Mitchell who is the head of the DA constituency and also the speaker of the Western Cape Legislative issued an official statement:

The DA notes the arrest of ANC councilor… in Beaufort West on alleged charges of money laundering,”

Furthermore, he advises ANC to deal with criminality ironhandedly and not let the criminal get away this time. He hopes for the accountability of the criminal and requests ANC take local resident’s interests to their heart;

“South Africans have become used to the way in which the ANC deals with cases of criminality within their ranks. We will closely monitor this matter and call on the ANC to act decisively and not sweep this under the rug.

“The ANC must show today that they have the interest of the Beaufort West residents at heart.

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The Repercussions He Might Face

With such strict remarks, the authorities seem full-fledged and dedicated to making the offender serve his punishment. The authorities are steadfast in bringing justice to the victim of the perpetrator hence the masses should look forward to a more accountable future in South Africa.

His arrest was also put out by the police spokesperson Christopher Spies in his official statement;

“This office confirms that a 45-year-old man remains in police custody following his arrest on April 4, 2023 at about 6pm near Hillside, Beaufort West,”

The allegedly possessed SASSA cards and an unknown amount at the time of his detainment. He was serving as the ward councilor at ward number seven and was expected in Beaufort West Megistrate’s Court for the charges of contravening the National Credit Act.

Despite the shocking allegations that were unraveled after the arrest of the councilor, the Beauforts West community’s activist; Brian Jooste seems placid as he was aware of the councilor’s deeds. He states;

Local ANC members and the leadership have known for a long time that he is a mashonisa (loan shark). His arrest comes as no surprise.”

He further expresses his disappointment toward the councilor;

“When a councilor takes in Sassa cards from the most vulnerable in society, he is exploiting them with that little they get from the government grants.”

He continues to suggest the solution and repercussions that the councilor should face;

“The best would be for the councilor to vacate his position as a public representative, as he should be there for the indigent and disadvantaged,”

What do you think should be the retribution for the councilor? What would you do if you had the authority to penalize a criminal of his liking? Will you be able to trust the system, again? Let us know in the comment section!

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